Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Pool / weights

Monday, was back at it.   In the pool and weight room.  The foot is slowly improving and I could be back on the track tomorrow, but I think I'll take this time to cross train and let it heal this week and not race on Sat.   I may race on 2/3, but hope to get back on the track this weekend depending on what happens in the Dr's appointment Friday.  Just focused on Nationals and I have time.

Since I ran an FAT split of 26.11 in the first 200m of a 400m after nearly falling down out of the blocks, I think my speed is there, just a few weeks of good training will get me ready for Nationals.  I need to be able to tolerate putting in some volume training.

20 min pool running 
1 x 15 single leg squats w/ 80 lbs each leg 
2 x 45 glute machine 280 lbs 
1 x 25 hip flexor machine  
1 x 25 adductor machine 70lbs
15 pull ups / rows 

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