Wednesday, July 20, 2016


I registered for the WMA Championships in Perth today.  Pretty hefty entry fee, $195 US.

I see there is stiff competition, including last years Silver medalist from Brazil, a few sub-56 Brits, and a few fast Aussies.  It'll be every bit as competitive or even more so than Lyon.  Many of the 400m guys are only participating in that one event and not doing the 200m.

There are about 2 dozen registered for the M55 400m, that number will at least double, probably triple by the time registration is closed in a month (Aug 24).

I leave Oct 27, arrive the morning of the 29th, 30th is a rest day, competition starts with the 200m prelims on the 31st.  I've got a pretty nice place on the beach, should be nice.

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