Monday, May 28, 2018

Atlanta Relays - meet report

Ok start, ran a 57.30 but rigged really hard in the end.   Ran in the outside lane with much faster guys and went out too fast for my present level of fitness.  John C. was in lane 6 and he passed me at about 200m taking a several meter lead on me coming into the last 100m.  He finished about 18-20m ahead of me in 54.39, so it took me 3 seconds to run the last 20 meters, thats how much speed I lost in the end.  So, it leads me to believe a better executed race would improve my time.  It wasn't terrible, for now, #1 ranked in USA.  0.03 away from #4 in world.  I do remember in June '15, running 56.3, then improving a whole second for nationals a month later.

Not much opportunity to train when racing 3 weekends in a row, but I'm hoping to get out today... Monday, Tues, and Thurs. 

Atlanta Relays was a good meet and the weather was warm 80ºs, but not blazing.  A bit of a wind but no rain.  I saw some elites there, Calvin Smith ran a 45 400m.  I saw the world HS record holders from Calabar, Jamaica.  Got this photo:

Fastest highschool sprint team in the world

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