Tuesday, April 3, 2018

biking up the hill, weights

A double session of sorts on Monday... I did the grueling climb on the bike up Roarke's Cove Rd., an ascent of about 1000' in 2.8 miles.  Then later after some easy additional riding, I hit the weight room:
150m warmup
3 x 15 single leg squats with 80 lbs 
2 x 65 - glute machine with 340 lbs
2 x 30 calf raises
I jogged a warmup lap on the indoor track as a test, and yes... the feet still hurt.  If and when I do start running, it will likely be just on grass and only a few times a week.  Even if I was off a year, it would still hurt to run the first time as the body needs to adapt to it.

I've relaxed a bit on my diet, ate pizza for the first time in a well over a year.  Have put that 3 lb layer of fat back on around my waist, only took 2 weeks.  I'm not much heavier though, about 148 lbs.   I'm starting to reduce in the next few weeks so when I start running, there will be a few less pounds to stress my feet.   If I'm not able to do quality work in 2-3 weeks, no point in running in the Nashville Masters meet in early May.

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