Sunday, April 29, 2018

300s, 200, 150

Amazingly quiet and beautiful at the Marist School in Atlanta this evening.  Dry, mid 60ºs with a light breeze under the setting sun.  Felt sore and rusty after the Friday stadium stairs, sore calves.  For a track in a major city, it was as quiet as Sewanee.
2 x 300m - 43.5, 43.8 
200m - 27.5
150m - 20
Ran the 300s hard, the second one really kicked my butt.  I took ample rest between each sprint.  This was really just maintenance, nothing really substantial but a very tiring workout as everything was 85-90%.

I'm really trying to reduce weight now.  Not near an accurate scale, but around 147.  This weight would put me right in the middle of the normal healthy BMI range, but not good enough if I want to run fast.  Would like to be 141.  Harder every year to get the weight off.

Enjoyed watching my team - GPTC win the Penn Relay's M50 4x400 by a mile.  The highlight of the meet for me was watching MTSU win the 4x200m, first relay win at Penn in 23 yrs.  I also was blown away by the Jamaican HS team from Calabar that ran times that would beat 99% of all colleges: 39.5 in the 4x100 and 3:03.79 in the 4x400.

I'm beginning to really see how hard it is to maintain fitness with age.  I never remember working this hard during HS track, yet I was still a fast 100/200 sprinter.  My brother excelled at the highest levels as a polevaulter, but I don't recall him working very hard on his strength and speed.  I'm just glad I'm getting healthy again and can still do it.  I'll try to race in 4 weeks, see where I am.  I'm getting close to committing to Spokane Nationals.

My dad turned 78 today, my brother is retired, and I'm 58 in 2 months... the sunset of my athletic career.  As Alan told me the other day, it's about the journey.

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