Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Indoor schedule '17 - UPDATED

College meets are sparse this year and I probably won't race at least until the Jan 22 or 29.  Vanderbilt is not accepting unattached online, and neither is Emory, but I think I may be able to get into Emory Crossplex via the meet director.  The only meets I'm somewhat certain I can get in are the KMS (Birmingham Crossplex),  MTSU (Murphy Center), and Sewanee (Fowler Center).   But if I can get into all, that would be 5 weekends in a row including Nationals.  Probably won't do that.

Here are the options:
Jan. 22 - Birmingham - Emory Crossplex (?) 
Feb. 4 - MTSU Invitational 
Feb. 11 - Sewanee Invitational 
Feb. 17-19 - Albuquerque, USATF Indoor Nationals  
March 20-25 - Daegu, S. Korea WMA World Indoor Championships

Bummer that I can't run at Vanderbilt this yr. on the best track there is.  But, the Crossplex is much like Albuquerque, same type of track.  I told Randall to get me in at Vanderbilt, but I'm sure that won't happen.   It's taking me longer than last year to get ready, I was running high 55's in Jan last yr.   I'd like to peak at the Nationals and Worlds, but they are 4 weeks apart.  Nationals 5+ weeks away, Worlds, 9+ weeks.   MTSU and Sewanee are non standard tracks and it's always hard to run a fast 400m on the 160m Sewanee track.  MTSU's track is really hard on the feet, so maybe just one event.

Just realized I can't race the KMS meet due to the TN Guitar Festival that I am hosting that weekend. I'm going to try like hell to get into Emory on 1/22.  If not, I may fly to Raleigh for the USATF Masters SE regionals same day.

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