Sunday, August 14, 2016

more foundation in the heat

Nearly 90º and humid at the Marist School in ATL around noon, heat index upper 90ºs.   Thankfully, one small piece of the track was shaded for warmups.   It was another bitchin' day at the oval office.

Hoka trainers on400m 
warmup, stretches, drills 
800m - 2:35 
600m - 1:53 
2 x 400m - 67.5, 65.5

Fell way below goal on the 600, but the other intervals were ok.  Just really difficult conditions, humid and hot.

The Clifton 2s seemed a little more protective as they are newer than my Clifton 1s which are pretty chewed up in the usual place.   Here's a comparison... the Clifton 1s are just 2 months old.  The bottoms are essentially the same for both.

Clifton 2s and  Clifton 1s

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