Friday, June 24, 2016

pre race day

This evening workout schedule is definitely an issue.  I'm simply not used to running in the morning.  I was going to get up early and get on the track and do a warmup this morning, just to get used to the early morning schedule of racing, but no way.  After a decent night's sleep, only my second this week, I got up at 9ish and, after 4 days in a row on the track, I hobbled up my stairs for coffee.  No way was I going to the track.

Hard to predict the time of race on Sat.  They are supposed to start the 1500m at 8am, followed by the 400m.  Old to young, women then men.  I'm guessing I won't race much before 9:45-10am.   Forecast for Nashville is 98º, humid, with light winds.   Should be about 90º at race time, hopefully there will be some clouds.   Heat index probably upper 90ºs.

It'll be more a time trial than a race, there likely won't be anyone in my age group under 62/28 in the 400/200.  However, that will be changing with the emergence of a new world class masters guy in Nashville - Stanley P. who I think is 54, ran a 55.73 in May.  If he is now in my age group, it will be a race.  If he is M50, he has a shot at breaking my meet record of 55.85.  

It's a black worn HS track, so if I can pull a good time here, I should be able to on the Mondo at Nationals.   I feel prepared but like music, you can practice all you can and still perform badly.   Got to bring it.

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