Friday, April 3, 2015

Stadium stairs

Just coming back from the mystery hip injury, ran stadium stairs today.  I say 'mystery' since I find it less painful to run stairs than to jog on the flat.  Whatever this is, I think I'm over the hump and will be on the track again next week.   The hip felt better after this light workout.  With a classic hip flexor strain, it should hurt to run stairs, but it doesn't, only a little when I get to the top.   So that's why I call it a 'mystery injury.'   I may seek evaluation, really don't want to spend the $.  MRI's are a $450 deductible on my health plan.
Brief jog warmup, a little dynamic stretches 
8 x stadium stairs

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  1. " really don't want to spend the $." ........Bill Jr

    "Penny conscious but pound foolish".......Bill Sr.