Friday, November 4, 2011

Sick stairs

It took only 2 flights up the stadium stairs to realize I'm not the same guy who was running these stairs 4 months and 10 lbs. ago.

I was really excited about returning to the early morning workout routine this morning, so much so that I kept waking up early, like 4:15 am, 5, etc...

But, after arriving at MTSU's Floyd Stadium at 7:30am, I soon found it was 'no picnic.' It was a gray 48ยบ and I began with a brisk 400 around the stadium, probably too brisk. I then did a few drills and hit the stairs. It was much harder than I remember. After 5 stadium stair runs my lungs were burning and I could feel my hip flexors and glutes pumping. I couldn't believe how much more difficult it was than when I ran 20 of these in July. After 8 stair runs, I was a quivering sickly mess and all I could do was manage a 200m cool down jog. I was done in 30 min. The good thing is that my injury is fading. It wasn't an issue. I can still feel it slightly but my Monday run did not aggravate it despite my glutes and hams being sore from the workout.

Here was today:

400m - run on grass

8 stadium stair runs

200m - cool down jog

Later today I will do some resistance bands and upper body.

Weight: 148.0

On Wed after work I stuffed myself at dinner and that was 'the breaking point.' After dinner I weighed 153.6. I ate very light yesterday and after workout this morning I am 148.0 - 5.6 lbs lighter than I was just 36 hrs ago. I estimate I have 10 lbs of excess adipose. My diet has started. I realize I will need to do a lot more aerobics and general fitness if I ever hope to run a 400m race again. I don't want to risk injury by doing more than 2 running workouts a week for at least next week, then I may expand to 3. I have some good workout videos my friend gave me that have aerobic and power components, so I may supplement with these: 'P90x' and 'Insanity.'

The good news is that I can run. My injury is healing.

- November: Aerobic foundation, power, and flexibility work
- December: Begin long sprints with spikes on the track
- January: First competition - Jan. 7 - TSU Ed Temple Classic (400m?)

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