Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Indoor Track Schedule 2012

Here is a possible schedule for me for this indoor season. Three local venues: TSU, MTSU, and Sewanee; and then the Masters Nationals in Bloomington, IN.

This schedule comes with a few caveats.

#1 - I will need permission to run at MTSU from Dean Hayes (which he has given me previously, but I have yet to run at MTSU due to injury and a schedule mix up).

#2 - What race do I want to run and against who? Sewanee is only good for the 55m - and I could actually beat some people. But, I do not want to run a 200m or 400m race on Sewanee's 160m oval. MTSU races are NCAA Division I which means I will essentially be running alone, up to 4 sec. behind the slowest competitor in the 400m, but MTSU's 300m indoor track with it's long sweeping turns at the Murphy Center (pic above) could render some really good indoor 400m times. Only 3 turns instead of 4.

#3 - Depends on my health and injury status. I'm inclined to believe injury would be more likely in the 55m and 200m. My ultimate goal for the indoor season is to be healthy enough to run all 3 sprint events at the Nationals (60, 200, 400).

TSU's Ed Temple Classic is on a good 200m track and is a big meet. It will be my first meet of the season and I'm leaning toward just the 400m and no other races to be safe.

The indoor 400m is completely different from the outdoor in terms of strategy. It is almost impossible to pass after the first 200m since the runners cut to the rail after the second turn on a 200m track. Almost all passing done in this race is in the last 60m straight to the finish. I have no idea what a 400m race is like at the Murphy Center. I suppose it's possible to run it entirely in lanes on the 300m track. I may go scout it out at the first MTSU meet on Dec. 10. I wish I was ready to run, but no way.

Not that I will run in all of these, but these are the possibilities:

1/7 - TSU - Ed Temple Classic
1/21 - MTSU
1/29 - TSU Invitational
2/4 - MTSU or Sewanee
2/11 - MTSU
2/25 - Sewanee
3/16-18 - Bloomington, IN - USATF Indoor Nationals

Today, I did upper body and hip flexor resistance. Still sore in the left medial ham. Ab feels better. Will probably hit the track in Sewanee on Sat morning.

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