Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Just one set of lower body resistance bands, Bulgarian squats x 20 w/ 50lbs, and upper body - pull ups, pushups, dumbell flys, rowing, shoulder press.

My injury seems related to the adductors... when doing adductor work with bands, that is when I feel the injury the most, but it's not bad and it goes away with more exercise. It's weird. I don't feel it in my groin like most adductor injuries, I feel it in my gut.

So... I did 2 sets of those.

Light workout. Don't want to be sore since I may put the spikes on Friday. It's supposed to be very cold though, probably only in the 40s by mid day.

Ate too much last night, 148.8 today. Let's see if I can be below 145 after workout on Fri.

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