Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Inactivity is dangerous

Still in my off season recovery.  With some recent boating trips and my knee injury, I was inactive for over a week, save for some leisurely biking.   But yesterday I did my usual 7.5 mile mountain biking ride that included a few lung burning hills and went to the gym to do a full warmup, drills, and a few light weights and a few stair runs.   The upper body stuff was definitely beneficial for my left hand circulation problem and wasn't as painful last night.  However, the knee is far from recovered.  Although it feels better today, it felt very tight last night, especially behind the knee.  Stretching definitely helped.  I think that very steep hike in the Smokies contributed a little to the knee issue.  Both actually hurt a bit when running stairs. 

Having been 3 weeks since my last meet (100/200) and 5+ weeks since my last race in Spain, this has been a long time off.  I think I may be ready to do a little running in about a week on grass.  I really think extended periods of rest beyond 3 weeks with no activity is dangerous for an athlete.  It may have contributed to my knee injury last time on the track.  The longer one takes off, the more fragile the body becomes.  I think the body responds to light stress and heals faster than when doing nothing. 

Time to start eating better.  I'm still not totally fat, 148.5 this morning.  Anything under 150 for me is ok for off season.  I have time.  For a good 12-14 week training cycle before Poland, I'd need to be on it full scale by early Dec. 

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