Tuesday, June 12, 2018

split 700, 400

Raining at the Marist track on Monday, but wonderfully cool, about 72º which for Atlanta in mid June is great.   I don't mind training in light rain and knowing my times will be slower because of traction (not in spikes) as long as it isn't too heavy, windy or a threat of lightning.  A storm that hit 2 hrs prior to my workout supplied an enormous amount of close lightning strikes, 3 within 100m of the house where I was staying.
Hoka trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
split 700m: 500m - 79.5 (62.5, 17) / rest 90 sec / 200m - 32.5 
split 400m: 300m - 44.5 / rest 60 sec / 100m - 14.5
The split 700m was brutal, but not as painful as it could have been if it were hot.  I needed a good amount of recovery before doing my last set.

I spoke to Alan on Sunday, he's going to Spain but not sure if he'll be healthy.  He told me Jim and Lonnie aren't going.  I thought Jim said he was but Lonnie just had surgery so he's out.  I think Don intends to go.  Alan said he's not staying for relays which is unfortunate.  Marcus seemed sure he was going but has yet to race since Penn, and now most of the opportunities have past.  Don't know about Rob, Corey, Ron, or McDuffrey.  Not many have signed up for Spokane but on time entry is still open for 2+ more weeks.

I'd like to workout today, Tues but I really need to respect my recovery, maybe just bike, and do resistance.  A nice cool moist pattern is in the offing for the next 2 days, high temperatures not expected to be over 81º.

Alan said I shouldn't do a lot of volume, less is more.  He suggested workouts like 2 x 200m near full effort with very short rest like 30 sec.  That is similar to one I've done, the 3 x 150 with 30 sec rest.

I still think there is a place in my workouts for over distance, long split intervals, tempo.  I also think the neg/even split 400s are good to work on the second half of my race, or 400s with the first 200m 2 seconds off race pace (28). 

Still light, 142.6 this morning.

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