Sunday, July 9, 2017

even split 400s

Beautiful quiet evening in Sewanee, 76º but the dewpoint has dropped 10 points so it felt very comfortable, much less humid.  Did a light workout tonight, my 5th day in a row on the track, 6th in a week.
Hoka trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
400m - 58.6 (29.3, 29.3) 
Puma spikes on 
400m - 58.2 (29.2, 29)
Wanted to work on my end game, form, and keep the volume low.  I did the first 400m in trainers, and the second one 25 min later in spikes.   The second one felt better, less tiring.  The first one I felt like my form was not so good.   Still not as fast as I wanted to run.  Was hoping to hit 28 on the second 200m after a deliberately slow first 200m.  It sort of confirmed the fact that running the first 200m slow isn't going to help me run the second 200m fast enough to make up the difference.   In other words, doesn't matter if my first 200m is 26 or 29, my second 200m is probably going to be 29-30.  When I ran 55.17 in Korea, my second 200m was only 29.67 or so, after a first 200m of 25.5.  In that last 100m, seems like I have a choice between longer strides or faster turnover.  I always try to push my turnover especially toward the end.

Trevor, my Aussie friend (who I think holds the M55 Nat'l 400m Record), said that he would sometimes train by just showing up at the track and running one all-out 400m and do it a number of times in a week.   There is something to that, because there is nothing like the experience of running the last 100m of a 400m at race speed.  The only problem is that, an all out 400m would be about all one could do in a workout, unless doing 400s like I did today, not all out for the first 200m.  I once stayed at the track a couple hours and ran three 400s in the 57s ... but I took up to 40 min rest in between and ran the first 200m at sub race speed.

I didn't get my afternoon nap so I'm going to try to sleep early and train around mid day.  It is warm, but not hot and significantly less humid with dewpoints in the low 60s instead of low 70s.

Expected conditions at race time will be about 90ºF, dewpoint 75º, heat index 102º.
I liked Dave M's comment on the Masterstrack FB page:
 "Wow! A schedule designed to ensure the minimum number of spectators possible and the maximum amount of heat and humidity for the athletes. Which genius put this program together?" 
They have stadium lights, don't know why they won't use them.   Pete said they once did a night schedule.  Jim said they once closed a meet down in Charlotte because officials were going down with heat stroke.  Anyway, this is comparable to what we saw in Jacksonville.  But for that meet, I heat acclimatized.  Not so much for this meet.  Rumors are that there will be an indoor warmup facility.  That would be huge.

142.8 lbs after workout.


  1. Coming into form nicely, William. Quality workouts will payoff.

  2. Yes, Bill, in 2001 at LSU we had a split schedule for all 4 days. We went to about 12:45 PM on our first session, then adjourned until perhaps 5:30 PM (I can't remember, maybe we picked up again earlier).

    You should know that during the meet we conducted some of the vertical jumps in the fieldhouse, as there was a slight smattering of rain sometimes (no downpours). This raised the question of whether a record-breaking performance in either the high jump or pole vault would count as an American outdoor record. After all, they were achieved in the outdoor nationals.

    PS I don't think they allowed any "records" achieved in the indoor part of the meet.

    Peter L. Taylor