Monday, July 10, 2017

300 event run / 150 tempo

Back on the track at mid day, temperature about 85º but felt considerably warmer in the direct sun.   Humidity was down and with a light north breeze, it felt pretty comfortable, especially in the shade.  

Hoka trainers on 
300m warmup, stretches, drills 
2 x 50m accelerations 
Puma spikes on 
2 x 40m from blocks 
300m event run - 40.5 (26.2, 14.3) 
Hoka trainers on 
150 x 3 w/ 30 sec rest ~ 22 
200m - 26.5

This workout was the first I've done at midday in just over a week.   It being my 6th day in a row on the track, my 7th in 8 days, and just 16 hrs after my last workout... I think I wasn't recovered enough to run a good event run.  Maybe slightly over trained.  I fell short of my goal splits, but only by a half second, and it didn't feel particularly smooth.  This track is slower than MTSU's where I've been able to break 40 in a 300m, so I wasn't too far off.   I was going to run a full 400m time trial but I bailed after 300 when I didn't hit my 40 flat split.  Probably not a good idea anyway.  I put the trainers back on for a set of 150s with just 30 sec rest and a 200m.    

One more day before I leave for Nationals.  Probably will go out and do something light tomorrow. 

143.6 lbs after workout.   

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