Monday, April 18, 2016

The long season

It is unreasonable to expect to stay in top racing shape for 400m from now to July.  No serious injuries, just general aches and pains and some mental race fatigue.   I've raced 400m since early Jan and as I mentioned, I'm going to take a break from 400m training, lessen the volume and work on my short game.  Next 2 meets will be in Atlanta on the TrackLab series and I think I may do a 100/200 double - April 30, May 7.   Took off 4 days this week and will do a light workout today with the Sewanee team.  They are at the end of their season and planning a light outing.

Different seasons for different athletes
It occurs to me that the more elite the track athlete is, the longer the competitive season.  For example, my hometown DIII college team's season is so amazingly short, they are already done with their regular season and have their conference meet this weekend.  They did a total of 7 meets ...  5 outdoor and 2 indoor meets.   I've already done 10 meets this year.  By comparison, MTSU has 20 on their schedule (indoor+outdoor).  NCAA Championships are in early June.  The USATF Open is in late June.  The Diamond League runs Jun-Sept.  And... of course the Olympics in Aug.

I will do at least 4 more before nationals in July.  I'm thinking, the 2 coming up and 2 more in June.  That will give me 5-6 weeks of no competition, unless I can find something in mid-late May.  My June 4th weekend is occupied by Guitar Fest.  I could run the KY Bluegrass Games on June 10-11, motivation would be to go after the M55 records, (I already have all the M50 records).   Then there are the GA state games and the TN state games the next 2 weekends.

Masters Nationals are July 17-20.  World Masters Championships begin Oct 31.   The only other meets near that time are the fall Sr. Olympic district meets - Sept - Oct.  They will be helpful.  After Nationals, I'll take 3-4 weeks off and commence training in Aug for the World Meet.  That will give me 10 weeks training for the World meet.  Then... I  get back from the World meet, and it's less than 4 weeks before the first indoor meets, but 4 months before Indoor Nationals and World.  So, maybe I'll take a month off after the World meet and start 2017 indoor season in Jan.

I feel very lucky to have almost a year round sport, as compared to my friends on the Sewanee college track team that are done next week ...  for the year.

It never ends.   Sprint forever.

Kudos to MTSU
MTSU track team is having a spectacular season, ranked #20 in the USA right now on the strength of superb middle distance, an all-American javelin thrower and a fine triple jumper.   Eliud Rutto just ran a 1:45.57 800m, meeting the Olympic standard at the Mt. Sacs relays, finishing 2nd, a tenth behind Duane Solomon who finished 4th in the '12 Olympics.

Track - "the purest sport."
"Are you faster than me or not?  Shut up..."

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