Friday, April 8, 2016

pre race day - sat. options

Pondering whether or not to skip the 400 tomorrow and just run the 200m depending on conditions.  Forecast is clear and mid 50ºs but high winds 20mph gusting to 30 mph.  With that kind of wind and lane one in the 400m, I'll make the call when I get there.  It is a brand new stadium, sort of in the middle of a field with no wind protection.  But, if they are set up to race the 200m with the wind, I may just do that and scratch the 400m til next Friday at Sewanee, and train on Sunday instead of rest.  It's such a new stadium, it's not on Google yet, but I think it's oriented N-S, which could mean a tail wind for the 200m.  Last time I ran with these timers at Emory, they did not set up an alternate finish and the 200m was run into the wind.  In a 400m, wind resistance is unfair... it impedes more in one direction than it helps in the other, and crosswinds don't help either.

There will be no shortages of meets to run so, we'll see.  There is however, a shortage of fine tracks.

I'm actually lucky to be racing at all tomorrow.  I fell 10 feet on to my back this afternoon climbing up my bluff in Sewanee.  Fortunately, I landed in soft leaves completely uninjured with just a few scrapes.   Afterward, I just said 'thank you' a number of times to my bluff for not injuring me.

Upcoming, there are a number of meets in the Atlanta area in May and June so I should be good to go with preparations for this years Nationals in July.

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