Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bellarmine Classic - meet report

It was a good outing overall.   The most comfortable 400m I've run this season.  Not exceptionally exhausting or painful, no rigging, and generally pretty smooth.   Considering the conditions, swirling winds and racing from lane one in the 400m, it went ok.  The 200m, about an hour later was into a headwind, but not too bad.  I had lane 8, just like last week in Sewanee.
55.93 - 400m 
25.10 - 200m
I think I may have gotten my rhythm back and I think I can go faster, especially in the 200m if I can run fresh.  Won't do that probably until June.

The track at Bellarmine U. was pretty good.  Not a Mondo, but decent.   It was a well-run NCAA Division II meet with a few Div I teams.   The wind was weird.   One minute it was gusting one way, the next, the opposite.   It was enough of a headwind that they turned around the 100m races and ran the other way.   They couldn't do that in the 200m, so we had a little headwind.

Lane 8 in the 200m, glad I didn't get tripped by all the people sitting on the edge of the track.

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