Saturday, April 13, 2019

Staying active / losing weight

It's springtime in the Cumberland and I'm enjoying the solitude and beauty of the outdoors. The wildflowers are out and I'm on the trail and the bike.

Being here in Sewanee, I can live a very active life... hike, bike, swim, gym, stationary bike, weights - all in the same day.   Pool is open Sunday so I'm going for my first swim and aqua running session.  I'm up to a 22 min stationary bike interval program that is 17 x 15 sec sprints with a 45 sec rest (with a warmup and cool down).  Going to keep upping the intervals, 18 x 15 sec next time.

Last weekend I walked too far and felt some pain, but that is thankfully gone.  I weighed less than 150 lbs for the first time in weeks but my daily avg is still over 150.  It is coming off though.   I'm back to taking daily collagen and glucosamine supplements after briefly running out.  Also eating better.  Using less sugar and eating once meal a day, but will start eating a little oat bran in the morning.  Using Whole Earth Sweetener - a zero cal sugar substitute, and going to try carb free konjac noodles.  Still have a ways to go, at least 5 lbs,  more would be better. 

I'm about half way to my first running which should be about July 4th to be safe ...or about 11-12 weeks away.  I'll find out more when I see doc in June.

Looking forward to watching my local track meet next weekend and the Penn Relays on TV.  There is an MTSU freshman that has just run an amazing 400m / 200m double yesterday and will be interesting to see if he develops.  W. Wright ran a 46.75 / 21.06 double at the TN Relays this weekend.  Pretty astounding times for a freshman.  If he gets faster, he could be elite level.  He's also trying to triple jump which I hope he stops and focuses on his 400m.  MTSU also had a 21.05 sprinter and looks to put together some really fast relay teams for Penn.

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