Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Bike - weights - progress

Made a little progress and dropped a few lbs with good activity and very light eating past few days.  Dropped from 154 lbs to 151 lbs, still a long way to go.  I figure, with the loss of muscle mass, my lean weight should be in the low 140s.  Both Monday and Tues I did my usual mountain bike circuit of 6.5 miles with some hill climbs.  It took me about 37 minutes to complete the ride.  I'll start timing it precisely and try to do it faster next time.  I also did the sprint interval workout on the stationary bike Sunday and Monday night - a 20 min regime that is 16 x 15 sec standup sprints with 45 sec rest in between.  On the last sprint I push it to 30 seconds.  It gets my heart rate over 140 for several minutes, peak to 160.  I also did weights Mon and Tues night.  And... drills - A marches and A skips - while looking at my reflection in a window to work on my running form.  No running for at least 12+ weeks but this is a good way to work on form.

Next workout will probably be Fri evening.  Looking forward to a warm weekend and more biking.  


  1. 10 x 150 jog back 90 seconds rest interval. Time goal 27
    26.77, 28.12, 27.38, 26.19, 27.43, 27.29, 26.43, 26.59, 25.98, 24.46
    pulse after each run climbed from 146 to 173 on the final 10th 150
    recovery pulse 135 before the second run and 160 before the 10th run.
    Maybe I might try a target of 26 next time.
    Theron (Terry) Gjersvik

  2. Wow, that's a hard one .. 10x!