Wednesday, December 12, 2018


I committed to Dr. Elrod for surgery Friday.   Doc said he'll know when he scopes my knee how he'll approach it. He said due to the ACL reconstruction I had almost 28 yrs ago that it makes me a bit more susceptible to this type of injury.   Repair of a meniscus root tear is not always successful.  Stats show anywhere between 50-70% full healing of such repairs.  If after scoping it he decides to not attempt the repair, I may go out of network to a specialist in CO.

I'm considering the good possibility I may retire from masters track.  If the repair is done, it's possible it might not heal or might be reinjured.  So, more chances for negative outcomes.

I never thought at the time that this injury would be as consequential, because unlike a ligament, it's not really painful and I can do pretty much anything except sprint. 

I just hope for the best and hope this decision works out.

My head tells me I should retire from track, but my heart tells me to try.  Funny, I still have a pair of brand new Hoka training shoes with the tags still on I had earmarked to get me ready for Poland.  I have kept my beloved Puma track spikes in good shape, epoxying the soles when needed.  I've hoarded dozens of spike risers to last me what I thought would be for a decade or more.  Little did I know. 

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