Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Biking !

Yesterday, I did my first outdoor biking with friends and it went well.  I biked about 8-9 miles including a hill climb (which was steep enough that 2 of my friends passed on).  I can do almost anything on the bike as long as I don't stand up, and with the low geared mountain bike, I can climb hills.  This will make a big difference in my over all fitness and activity.   I did buy a foot float for a lap swimming but the pool is closed for another week in Sewanee.  Both biking and upper body swimming are cleared for PT.   I'll be fine for light hiking during wildflower season in 2-3 weeks.  Aqua running starts in 2-3 weeks.

I had mentioned previously that the magical Clifton 1 training shoes were reissued this year, the super soft super light training shoe.  They were pretty much sold out every where so I bought 2 pair at the only place I could still find them in my size, directly from Hoka.  These and the newer Clifton 3s I have should last me well into my M60 yrs.   I just hope they continue this line of Clifton 1s, but no guarantees.  These shoes weigh almost as little as Nike sprint spikes, about 7oz in my size, and with max padding.

Torun, Poland - World Masters Championships next week

This is the last week of my reign as World Indoor 200m champion, the finals of the 200m at worlds is a week from today.  If I were going, I would be leaving day after tomorrow.  It will be interesting to see how our times in Daegu compare to what they run in Poland.  I doubt anyone will run faster than Zavattero did in the M55 400m (54.39), and maybe not even as fast as I did (55.17).   But I do think Lonnie is capable of running faster than my 24.82 in the M55 200m.  He ran 25.01 on a flat track at Nationals, which is presently #1 in the world.  The 400m is really stacked if everyone shows up: I  think it will be between Pitts, Tilt, and Sherar for the medals.   Moody and Shute might contend if in shape.  There may be other new M55s I don't know about, usually are.

Good luck Team USA

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